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Production of grey pellets
for the industrial heating boilers

We produce pellets on the press-granulators line Doza-Gran (OGM 1500), their productivity and power allows to process up to 1000 kg of raw materials per hour. Industrial pellets are produced from the spruce or pine chip mixed with the tree bark, finally dense, solid, cappuccino-colored granules that do not crumble during transportation and storage are obtained as a result. Technical characteristics of the pellets are shown in the following numbers:

  • the diameter of the granules – 6, 8 mm
  • length – from 20 to 50 mm
  • ash content – less than 0.8%
  • moisture content – less than 6.8%

Packed,depending on the customer’s request, in bags of 10, 25 or 40 kg, or in big bags of 500 or 1000 kg. The production site has a large area for off-season storage of finished products. It is possible to produce and pack pellets by the order, by the contract.



We use pellets for the heating (we live in house and have solid fuel boiler), we also use them as the kindling for the fireplace. And the leftovers are used as a cat litter. Very convenient!

Nadezhda Shestopalova

We buy pellets for our house, as there is no possibility to provide gas supply. It is very useful to use pellets as the fuel fuel feeding might be automised in contrast with the wood fuel.

Alexander Ermilov

They really delivered the same day when the order was made! Highly recommend them!

Anna Korchagina
Pellets or Wood ?
Pellets produce 1.6 times more heat per unit volume. Much cheaper and more convenient delivery. They need 3.5 times less storage space.
Cost of heating with pellets for the season
Fact: the average consumer burns up to 6-8 tons of pellets and spends around 40 – 50 thousand rubles per season on heating.
In addition, convenience of storage and use.
1 Tonne Of Pellets Equals To = ?
Heat produced by 1 tonne of pellet = 250 m³ of gas = 3.5 m³ of wood fuel = 1.1 tonne of coal = 780 litre of mazut = 5000 kWt of electricity.
Coal like (Terrificated) Pellets
Black, coal like pellets are the pellets burned without oxygen access. They have a number of advantages over white ones. Their heat value is much higher than heat value of premium pellets.

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